Spring Cleaning Services Ltd. reserves the best to help to make any modifications to any a part of these conditions and terms without providing any earlier notice.

Residential AND Commercial CLEANING Services

1.1 Spring-Cleaning offers regular cleaning services in just from AED 35/hour without cleaning materials the minimum of 3 hours

1.2 The Deep cleaning price is standard 60 per hour

1.3 The Babysitting we charge 40 per hour is minimum of 4 hour

1.4  The minimum duration of our contract is 01 month

1.5 All scheduling of services must be set up directly by the tenant by speaking to our on-site supervisor or our customer care department.

1.6  All on-call requests need to schedule on as-is-available basis but we will make our best efforts to try schedule the cleaner on that day itself. All that we request is that the client be more flexible to accommodate the cleaner at a later hour than requested.

1.7 The First Party/Client shall inform SPRING if any cancellation of the services or changes in the schedule is required, at least 48 hours prior to the cleaning schedule.

1.8 The SPRING has the right to change the cleaners assigned to First Party due to non-controllable reasons as per the agreement between parties. If the client is not happy with the cleaner, SPRING will subject to availability, change the cleaner required by the client.

1.9 SPRING will try to be as punctual as possible, however, we ask for your tolerance for up to 30 minutes due to uncontrollable circumstances like traffic and situations beyond our control.

1.10 Where applicable: During working Hours, drinking water and immediate first aid to be provided by CLIENT. Waiting area for the cleaners & a work station for the deployed supervisor of SPRING to be provided by CLIENT at their premises and SPRING personal will be fully responsible to utilize the provided premises/office space in an appropriate manner and will not make any changes or damages.

1.11  All employees of SPRING will be the uniform provided by SPRING with their logo.

1.12 Mobile Phones: Cleaners are allowed to carry a mobile phone for emergency purpose and to receive instructions from office however the mobile phone will be kept in a vibration mode and it will not be utilized for their personal use.